Reclaiming Our P10 billion and More With Miss Botswana

Unleashing the Potential of Botswana's Tourism Industry With Miss World

The Botswana tourism industry faces several challenges that hinder the industry's growth especially the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tourism revenue declined significantly in 2020 from about P9.8 billion before the pandemic to less than P3 billion.

Now it is time to revive the Botswana tourism industry and take it to even greater heights.

Here is how Miss Botswana, through her participation in the Miss World Pageant, can power the Botswana tourism industry.

International Visibility:

The Botswana tourism industry struggles with limited international visibility, which hampers our country’s ability to attract tourists.

Miss Botswana

Miss Botswana, as a cultural ambassador on the global stage, leverages the Miss World Pageant platform to showcase the beauty, culture, and attractions of Botswana.

The Miss World pageant has a significant international media following of roughly 2 billion people.

On social media channels, Miss World has a following of Facebook 4.1 million and Instagram 703,000.

The pageant is estimated to have a global economic impact of $100 million annually.

Through engaging presence and advocacy, Miss Botswana leverages this audience to generate increased interest in Botswana as a desirable tourist destination, thus boosting international visibility.

There is an immense opportunity for the Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO), the Hotel and Tourism Association of Botswana (HATAB), and all of the tourism industry stakeholders to partner with Miss Botswana and unlock this potential.

Miss Botswana has the opportunity to host the Miss World pageant in Botswana.

The impact of hosting Miss World on our economy will be immense.

This will focus a spotlight on what Botswana has to offer as a tourist and investment destination.

The Botswana Investment and Trade Center can leverage the Miss Botswana and Miss World brands to highlight investment opportunities in our country.

This will create jobs across all sectors of industry and ensure we have a sustainable tourism industry and a diversified economy.

The recent visit to Botswana by the current Miss World demonstrated the global media attention that the pageant commands.

This media attention will be focussed on Botswana for the duration of the Miss World pageant should it be hosted in our country.

Brand Recognition:

Building a solid tourism brand is essential for attracting visitors.

The Miss Botswana pageant is covered in international media channels such as the Miss Botswana Wikipedia page as well as Wikiwand.

Miss Botswana's participation in the Miss World Pageant provides an opportunity to promote the Botswana tourism brand.

By highlighting Botswana's unique experiences, wildlife, landscapes, and cultural heritage, Miss Botswana creates a lasting impression on the international stage.

This exposure significantly contributes to establishing and reinforcing Botswana's brand identity as an exceptional travel destination.

By hosting the Miss World pageant in Botswana, we will scale the existing global exposure of the Botswana tourism brand to reach a wider market.

Tourism Partnerships:

Collaboration with international tourism stakeholders is crucial for expanding Botswana's reach in the global tourism market.

Leading blogs with an international audience such as Know Botswana continue to engage the global tourism market to lure visitors to Botswana.

Miss Botswana's participation in the Miss World Pageant allows her to connect with influential individuals, organizations, and tourism industry players worldwide.

Cresta Hotels has partnered with Miss Botswana for her Beauty With a Purpose Project.

The Genesis Project assists rural communities through various projects that will be supported by Cresta Hotels.

By actively engaging with these stakeholders, Miss Botswana fosters partnerships, attracts investments, and forges alliances that promote Botswana's tourism industry, leading to increased tourism growth.

Hosting the Miss World pageant in Botswana will leverage these existing partnerships and compel all the Miss World stakeholders to visit Botswana.

Youth Engagement and Empowerment:

Engaging and empowering the youth is vital for the long-term sustainability of the tourism industry.

As a young and inspirational figure, Miss Botswana serves as a role model for aspiring young professionals in the tourism sector.

Through her participation in the Miss World Pageant, she advocates for youth involvement, skill development, and entrepreneurship opportunities in the tourism industry.

Miss Botswana contributes to a vibrant and dynamic tourism workforce by nurturing young talent and encouraging active participation.

The Miss World pageant will bring multitudes of global visitors to Botswana to experience the talent and hospitality of our youth firsthand.

This should result in new opportunities opening up globally for young Batswana to earn a living.

Environmental Conservation:

Preserving Botswana's natural beauty and wildlife is essential for sustainable tourism. Miss Botswana's participation in the Miss World Pageant provides a platform to advocate for environmental conservation initiatives.

By highlighting Botswana's commitment to conservation, wildlife protection, and responsible tourism practices, Miss Botswana can inspire a global audience to appreciate and support Botswana's eco-tourism offerings.

This, in turn, contributes to the preservation of Botswana's natural resources and the long-term viability of the tourism industry.

Miss Botswana, through her participation in the Miss World Pageant, has the potential to address various challenges faced by HATAB and BTO in growing the Botswana tourism industry.

By leveraging her international visibility, promoting the Botswana tourism brand, fostering partnerships, empowering the youth, and advocating for environmental conservation, Miss Botswana can contribute even more significantly to the growth and sustainability of the Botswana tourism sector by hosting the Miss World pageant in Botswana.


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