Miss Botswana Lesego Chombo's Journey to Miss World 2023

Join the Journey: Rise Up for Miss Botswana on Her Road to Miss World 2023!

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Here is how you can rise up for Miss Botswana on her Journey to Miss World 2023 on all social media channels!

Miss Botswana Lesego Chombo is set to embark on an extraordinary adventure as she represents our beautiful nation at the prestigious Miss World 2023 pageant in the UAE.

As she prepares to make us proud on the global stage, we invite all of Batswana to rally behind her and show our unwavering support.

Here's how you can join the journey and ensure that you rally behind our Queen:


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As Miss Botswana represents us on the global stage, it is essential that we come together as a united front to support our Queen.

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Let's rise up for Miss Botswana on her Journey to Miss World 2023 and show the world the strength, beauty, and spirit of our nation!

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Let's make our presence felt and stand alongside Miss Botswana with pride!


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