Miss Botswana 2023/24 Auditions

Discovering Beauty, Talent, Leadership, and Mindset Change

Miss Botswana, the nation's premier beauty pageant, is delighted to announce the eagerly awaited auditions for Miss Botswana 2023/24. This prestigious event promises to showcase the finest beauty, talent, leadership, and the transformative power of mindset change, continuing the legacy of empowering young women in Botswana.

Auditions will take place from the 6th of October to the 4th of November, 2023, at multiple locations across the country, offering aspiring beauty queens an opportunity of a lifetime to step into the spotlight.

Miss Botswana Auditions

We are thrilled to announce the Beauty and Fashion Expos will be held during the auditions at various locations as a build-up to the National Beauty and Fashion Expo. The National Beauty and Fashion Expo is a pivotal event for the industry to open doors for local businesses to showcase their products globally. The district-level Beauty and Fashion Expos held during the auditions will provide a sneak peek into the innovation and creativity that the National Expo promises.

Miss Botswana has a rich history of empowering young women and providing a platform for personal growth, community engagement, and the pursuit of ambitious dreams. This year, we are raising the bar even higher, and we invite all talented and ambitious young women to join us in this extraordinary journey.

In our auditions, we will also promote the Mindset Change Initiative. We believe that beauty, talent, and leadership are nurtured through positive mindsets.

Additional audition details, including specific dates and times, will be shared on our Social Media Pages and various media outlets. Interested contestants are encouraged to check our social media pages regularly for updates.

We invite all young women who embody grace, intelligence, ambition, and a growth-oriented mindset to be part of the Miss Botswana 2023/24 Auditions. Join us in celebrating the beauty, talent, leadership potential, and transformative power of mindset change that define the spirit of Botswana's youth.

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