Genesis by The Lesego Chombo Foundation

A Project That Intends to Have a Positive Impact in Botswana

Miss World Botswana Lesego Chombo recently launched the Lesego Chombo Foundation, dedicated to uplifting the lives of poverty-stricken and rural communities. The foundation aligns with her commitment to positive change and impactful initiatives through her Beauty With A Purpose project: Genesis.

Raised in a nurturing environment, Chombo draws inspiration from the love and support she receives from her parents, shaping her into a visionary force for positive change.

Lesego Chombo is a born leader and her spirit enestly shines through her motivational quotes and charitable work.

Lesego Chombo has always been drawn to serving the underprivileged, especially children. In 2019, she spent Christmas at the SOS Children's Home. She had baked cookies to cheer up the kids.

Her empathy and commitment to positively impacting children's lives will guide the vision and mandate of the Lesego Chombo Foundation.

On Valentine’s Day in 2020, Lesego Chombo demonstrated her commitment to community service by spending the day with another NGO, Stepping Stones International.

Lesego uses her passion for baking to serve the underprivileged. Since May 2021 she has been offering her baking goodies to collect donations of warm clothes for winter. These are donated to identified families in her home village of Maun.

The donation could be anything as long as it is warm and in good condition. She implores her donors not to give away things that they wouldn't wear themselves. This demonstrates her compassion and empathy towards the underprivileged, and that they should be treated with dignity and respect. 

Lesego Chombo Foundation

Beauty With A Purpose (BWAP)

The 30th of July 2022 was such a special day for Lesego Chombo, not only was she celebrating her birthday but she also spent the day doing what she loves most - spending time with her BWAP Project beneficiaries.

Her project is aimed at creating a conducive environment for the development of underprivileged children. As part of it, therefore, she hosted her second recreational outing for underprivileged children in Maun consisting of medical checks, educational activities, an introduction to instrument playing, art lessons, a validation session, games, and fun!

A total of 70 children benefited from this event and Lesego was so grateful for the lives that were impacted.

Lesego had this to say about her dedication to Beauty With A Purpose: "I will use the Miss Botswana crown to pursue social justice through my service. As an individual who has so much love for the underprivileged community, I believe that their inclusion is vital in the pursuit of social justice. I will therefore continue to create a conducive environment for the development of underprivileged children and promote the accessibility of economic, social, and political resources to the underprivileged community as a whole.

Lesego Chombo Foundation

Not only will this directly impact these communities, but it will also lead and inspire Batswana to identify their purpose and add value to our nation by taking on their social responsibility. I believe that serving is contagious - and service to those who are in need is the ideal practice that Botswana needs to be a better place."

In October 2022, Lesego organized a bake sale to raise funds for her Beauty With A Purpose project during the run-up to the Miss Botswana crown.

Lesego Chombo has been committed to serving her community well before she was crowned Miss Botswana. It is without a doubt that her Beauty With A Purpose project: Genesis by The Lesego Chombo Foundation will continue to have a positive and sustainable impact in carrying out its core mandate.

Lesego Chombo Foundation


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