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Celebrating the International Achievements and Community Projects of Former Miss Botswana Winners.

Miss Botswana has been a launching pad for exceptional women who have gone on to achieve remarkable feats on the international stage. In this article, we shine a spotlight on the inspiring journeys and impactful initiatives of former Miss Botswana winners, showcasing their international achievements and community projects that have made a lasting difference. 

Join us as we celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of Thata Kenosi, Nicole Gaelebale, Moitshepi Elias, Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane, and Palesa Molefe.

Thata Kenosi - Miss Botswana 2016:

Thata Kenosi, a beacon of grace and intelligence, left an indelible mark during her reign as Miss Botswana 2016. As an advocate for youth empowerment, Thata initiated numerous community projects focused on education and career development. She organized mentorship programs, workshops, and scholarships to inspire and equip young Batswana with the tools they need to succeed. Her dedication to empowering the next generation has created a ripple effect that continues to positively impact countless lives.

Nicole Gaelebale - Miss Botswana 2017:

Nicole Gaelebale, with her magnetic charm and compassionate spirit, used her platform as Miss Botswana 2017 to address pressing social issues. She actively championed the rights and well-being of marginalized communities, particularly focusing on gender equality and the empowerment of women. Nicole partnered with local organizations to launch campaigns against gender-based violence and provided support and resources to survivors. Her unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society has left an enduring legacy.

Moitshepi Elias - Miss Botswana 2018:

Moitshepi Elias, a trailblazer, and change-maker, captured hearts as Miss Botswana 2018. Committed to healthcare advocacy, she embarked on a mission to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and combat the stigma associated with the virus. Moitshepi collaborated with local healthcare organizations to promote testing, educate communities, and support those living with HIV/AIDS. Her tireless efforts have contributed to breaking down barriers, fostering understanding, and improving access to vital healthcare services.

Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane - Miss Botswana 2019:

Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane, an inspiring force of resilience and compassion, made a profound impact during her reign as Miss Botswana 2019. With a focus on environmental conservation, she spearheaded initiatives to promote sustainability and raise awareness about climate change. Oweditse organized tree-planting campaigns, conducted educational workshops, and advocated for eco-friendly practices. Her dedication to preserving Botswana's natural heritage and inspiring a greener future has earned her recognition as a sustainability ambassador.

Palesa Molefe - Miss Botswana 2021:

Palesa Molefe, a beacon of beauty and inspiration, graced the Miss Botswana stage in 2021. Committed to uplifting vulnerable communities, Palesa initiated impactful community projects to address poverty and social inequalities. She collaborated with local NGOs to provide essential resources, support education initiatives, and empower individuals through skills training and entrepreneurship programs. Palesa's dedication to creating positive change at the grassroots level has earned her widespread admiration and respect.

Former Miss Botswana winners have demonstrated the true essence of beauty with purpose. Their international achievements and community projects continue to inspire the nation.

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