A 4.6 Million Euro Necklace for The Diamond Queen

Miss World Botswana To Adorn Messika's Akh-Ba-Ka Diamond Necklace

In a dazzling collaboration between beauty, fashion, and luxury diamonds, Miss World Botswana, Lesego Chombo, is set to grace the 71st Miss World finale adorned in the exquisite Akh-Ba-Ka diamond necklace by The House of Messika worth more than P70 million.

This unprecedented collaboration promises to leave an indelible mark on various facets, positively impacting the Miss World pageant, the Botswana gem diamond industry, The House of Messika, and Lucara Botswana in the global diamond market.

Elevating the Miss World Pageant:

Lesego Chombo's selection to showcase Messika's Akh-Ba-Ka necklace elevates the Miss World pageant to new heights of glamour and sophistication. Combining beauty, intelligence, and high-end jewelry reinforces the pageant's status as the epitome of global beauty and fashion.

Miss World Botswana

Showcasing Botswana's Gem Diamond Industry:

As Miss World Botswana dazzles in Messika's masterpiece, the spotlight turns to Botswana's gem diamond industry. Known for its high-quality diamonds, this collaboration symbolizes Botswana's prowess in the diamond trade, highlighting the nation's contribution to the global luxury market.

Naomi Campbell has adorned the Akh-Ba-Ka necklace. She closed the Messika High Jewelry Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week wearing this iconic piece. The necklace is a stunning creation from the "Akh-Ba-Ka" collection, featuring a single 33ct diamond and a total of 71.49 carats of diamonds. Naomi Campbell, the iconic supermodel, added glamour and elegance to the runway as she showcased this masterpiece during the fashion show.

Akh-Ba-Ka Necklace

The House of Messika's Prestige:

The collaboration with Miss World Botswana aligns with Messika's commitment to elegance and innovation in diamond jewelry. The Akh-Ba-Ka necklace, a stunning creation, becomes a symbol of The House of Messika's dedication to crafting timeless pieces that transcend conventional beauty standards.

Irina Shayk has adorned Messika's iconic Akh-Ba-Ka necklace. She dazzled at the Cannes Film Festival, radiating in the exquisite jewelry piece. The Akh-Ba-Ka necklace, perfectly complemented Irina Shayk's majestic presence at the event. The necklace is a testament to Messika's ability to create extraordinary and captivating high jewelry, adding a touch of glamour to prestigious occasions like the Cannes Film Festival.

Akh-Ba-Ka Necklace

Lucara Botswana's Global Impact:

Lucara Botswana, a key player in the nation's diamond industry, gains international visibility through this collaboration. The showcase of a Botswana-sourced diamond in a global event amplifies the country's role in the diamond supply chain, fostering partnerships and attracting attention to the quality of diamonds from Lucara.

In conclusion, the synergy between Miss World Botswana, Messika's Akh-Ba-Ka necklace, and the Botswana diamond industry enriches the Miss World pageant and cements Botswana's position as a leader in the global diamond market. This collaboration is a testament to the harmonious fusion of beauty, luxury, and the natural brilliance of Botswana's diamonds on the world stage.

Lucara Botswana

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